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You can import Requests sent by other Foxfire! users. To import Requests, you select a Foxfire! FFX import file. Choosing the FFX file causes Foxfire! to display the list of Requests in the FFX file. If you attempt to import a Request that already exists, Foxfire! will ask you whether you want to overwrite the existing Request. When a Request is imported, it always returns the Request to the folder it was exported from. If the folder doesn’t exist it creates it.

Note: If you import a lot of Requests, you may need to routinely reindex your files. For more information, see Troubleshooting and Maintenance.

To import a Request:

  1. Choose Import from the File Menu. (Or choose Import Folders from the View menu.) The Import Folders are displayed at the bottom of the screen:It shows folders with files waiting to be imported, files already imported, and files previously exported.
  2. To import a file, open the “To Be Imported” folder.
  3. Highlight the file you want to import in the folder. The list of Requests in this file will appear in the list at the right.
  4. Click Import. If any Requests being imported have the same name as ones you already have, you’ll be asked if you want to overwrite the Requests.Note: If the file you need to import is not shown in the “To Be Imported” folder, you may browse for it using the Find button above the directory. For example, you may browse for files that you’ve saved in email, downloaded from a website, or files on some type of storage device.Once the Requests are imported, the imported file will appear in the “Already Imported” folder.

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