Someone you know needs a new report, spreadsheet, or other output from their data right now!

Foxfire! can provide it in minutes. Once it’s been trained with the technical details of your database, it remembers them permanently. Every option is presented in simple language with help and guidance along the way. So users of any skill level can focus on results instead of mechanics.

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Here’s how Foxfire! makes getting business intelligence faster and easier for everyone! 

Everyday Business Person

Everyday Business Person

Create your own Business Intelligence reports – in minutes.

Software Developer

Free your clients to create their own BI. It’s the next best thing to cloning yourself.

Vertical Solution Provider

Satisfy customers and close more business by allowing users to create their own BI and reports. We’ll set it up for you, if you prefer.

Mobile App Developer

Deliver BI via a mobile device to connected customers anywhere.

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