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Lesson Goals:  You are going to create a Request that sends output to a Microsoft Excel pivot table.

To create an Excel pivot table:

  1. From the Request Manager, create a new detail Request xxxLESS14 (substituting your initials for xxx). Enter Comparison of Price Paid and Profit for the title.
  2. Select the Data Items tab.
  3. Add the following data items to the to the Selected Items list:
    • Cars Make
    • Cars Purchase Price
    • Cars Date Purchased
    • Gross Profit

  4. Click the Filter Results tab.
  5. Click Add to add a filter condition.
  6. Select Cars Make from the Data Item drop-down box.
  7. Select In the List from the Relationship drop-down box.
  9. Save this filter condition by clicking on the a on the right side of the line.
  10. Click on And to add a second filter condition.
  11. Select “Cars Date of Sale” from the Data Item drop-down box.
  12. Select Is Not.
  13. Select Empty from the Relationship drop-down box.
  14. Click on the
  15. Click the Specify Output tab.
  16. Select Excel Pivot Table in the Type drop-down box.
  17. Click the Save icon on the Design Preview toolbar.
  18. Click the Close icon on the Design Preview toolbar.
  19. Click the Run icon on the Request Manager toolbar.Excel will open and display your pivot table.
  20. When finished with the pivot table, close Excel. If you need more information on how to use your pivot table in Excel, see the Excel documentation. The table is saved on your disk as xxxLESS14.XLS in folder C:\FF80\OUT

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