** Revised server licensing


The XFRX engine has been updated to version 18.2

The menu engine has been updated to avoid problems noted when accessing Registry entries on Windows 10. This was causing potential issues with C5 errors.

Reduced number of messages noting when SQL connections were lost

Improve links to online Help Content

New Excel (XLSX support) and Combined Report report

Support for Excel formula definitions for data items

Improved email sending and logging
New pf_noresults variable to identify what should be sent via email if there are no results. This ensures users aren’t left wondering why they didn’t get a report that should have been sent to them.


  • Correct for sort group overlapping labels
  • Fix for Joins not being correctly identified when tables weren’t noted in expanded search
  • Fixes for page margins and font headers in preview
  • Updated for C5 errors due to certain environments (note update for Menu libraries above).