With Apple’s new M1 chip, many applications don’t work “out of the box”. One group of applications are virtualization applications, such as Virtual Box and Parallels. Parallels introduced a preview of their M1-compatible product. It requires a Windows ARM64 OS to work and this gave us the perfect opportunity to try it out.

Foxfire! works great on ARM (see picture below). Let’s be clear about one thing – Foxfire! is still running as a 32-bit application but this makes it easier to run on various virtualized platforms.

One thing that we did notice however, and this may be an issue affecting others with tighter network security, is that the installed folder (FF2019) did not give “Full control” rights to the computer’s user’s account. Foxfire! requires full access to the FF2019 folder, even for runtime users. This lets us update requests, preferences and track running queries. Thankfully, it’s easy to fix.

Right-click on the FF2019 folder and choose Properties. Click to the Security tab and click Advanced. Look at the options for “Users” (either network or local).

Check the Allow column on Full Control. This will result in all of the options being selected.

Click Apply and away you go!