Foxfire! uses pre-designed templates to lay out reports out for you. Need a corporate report? Use a public-facing template with a logo. Summarizing information? Use a Summary report template.

Select a report type

Select any of our pre-formatted lists

Once selected, you can change the style of the template from the designer. But Foxfire! does far more than just apply a layout.

Ask for a change of groups and Foxfire! creates a header, footer, and arithmetic summary (like totals or averages) in a best guess effort to lay the data out in the way that makes the most sense.

A mockup of the report is displayed throughout the design process. As you add each feature to the report, the image is updated immediately and shows you what to expect if you hit the run button.

Need to change something on a report? Changes can be applied on an individual report or changes to summary calculations, alignment and even expressions can be applied across every report.