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This section describes how to group data in your reports, which you do on the Sort and Group Results tab of the Workbench window. 

Note: The Sort and Group Results tab is unavailable for Cross-Tab Requests. 

Sometimes you might want a report divided into groups based on one or more of the data items. For example: You want to list cars in inventory by make. At the end of the records for each make, you want a subtotal of the purchase price. You would accomplish this by specifying a group break on Cars Make. A group break occurs in a report when the data item that identifies the group changes. 

When the Request is run, a group break triggers the following actions:

  • A horizontal line is printed under each numeric data item.
  • A subtotal (or other type of calculation including automatic summaries as specified in the data dictionary) is printed for each numeric item that has a group-break set. 
  • A blank line is inserted. 
  • A group ID heading is printed to identify each new group. 
  • A final blank line is inserted.

To create a group break:

  1. Go to the Sort and Group Results tab of the Workbench window. How do I get to this tab?
  2. In the Current Sort/Group list, highlight the data item that you want to group on. 
  3. Click Group. The word “Grouped” appears to the right of the data item’s name in the Current Sort/Group list. When a data item is grouped, it is automatically hidden in the detail line of the Design Preview and appears as a group header and footer by default unless you change one of the group options (see step 4).Note: To unhide a data item, go to the Select Data Items tab, select the data item, and click Show. 
  4. Click Group Options. The Group Options dialog box appears. It allows you to change the formatting or perform various summary calculations.For information on Appearance tab options, see Changing the Format 
    For information on Summary Calculations tab options, see Displaying Summary Calculations
    For information on Grand Total Calculations tab options, see Displaying Grand Total Calculations
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 if you want to group multiple data items. 

To cancel a group break

  1. In the Sort and Group Results Tab, highlight the item in the Current Sort/Group list that you want to “ungroup.”
  2. Click Ungroup.The word “(Grouped)” no longer appears next to the data item’s name but it remains in the list. In the Design Preview window, that item re-appears in the detail line and its header or footer is removed. 

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