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You can email your Request output to users automatically. You do this from the Specify Output tab of the Workbench window. 

Note: If you want to email on a one-time basis, see the emailing section under Managing and Running Requests.

To automatically email your output:

  1. From the Specify Output tab of the Workbench window, check the Email to check-box. This option will be unavailable if the output type is screen or printer. 
  2. Enter an email address.
  3. (Optional) Click Options to change any of the options listed below.
    1. Check the “When a group changes…” check-box if you want all the pages for a group in the output to be sent to specific email addresses. Note: If your administrator has set it up beforehand, you will be able to select a data item containing an email address. The group pages will be separated into their own PDF file and emailed to the address designated for that group. For example, say you had a sales report containing sales for each salesman. You could run a report sorted and grouped by salesman name, and then have the pages that pertained to each salesman sent to them via email. 
    2. Enter a new Subject.
    3. Add a note which will appear in the body of the email.
    4. (Optional) Uncheck the “Use default email settings” check-box if you want to specify information for another email server. Normally you won’t need to change this setting unless you want to e-mail your output from a different address than the one set up by your administrator. 
  4. Run the Request. When the Request is run, the file is automatically emailed to the recipient you specified or to the group if you checked the option.
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