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Form Fill is a different process for requests. Foxfire! will populate an existing template with data, creating a single or multiple files for the results. Imagine a Merge template like you find in Word but one that generates PDF or HTML files.

A “template” form must be specified first. Foxfire! then identifies all of the fields in the form and then links Data Items to the existing form fields.

The Select Data Items for a Form Fill is shown below:

Note that the Selected Data Items list is different than Detail or Summary Requests. The fields shown on the right side of the list are all of the fields that were found in the template form. The fields on the left side are the Foxfire! Data items that will populate the fields. Not every field in the template form must be filled in. This is a great way of providing forms that are pre-populated but awaiting signatures or missing information.

When a Form Fill report is generated, the Output dialog is also different.

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