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How This Affects the Reporting Experience: These Permissions expose or enable various dialogs, tabs, and features in the user interface that are presented during Request design or execution. These permissions are normally set in the Report Set Permissions. This screen allows you to override the settings for this specific user.

User Privileges

Note: Uncheck the box next to any permission you want to hide when a Designer or End-User is using Foxfire!

Override Active Report Set Permissions: This must be checked for any of the other settings on this page to take effect. If this is not checked, the Report Set Permissions will control this user’s permissions.

PermissionAllows a User To
Basic – Request ManagerModifies the basic behaviors of the Request Manager
New/Rename FoldersMust be checked for the user to be able to create and rename folders
Delete FoldersMust be checked to allow the user to delete folders
ImportMust be checked to allow the user to import Requests
ExportMust be checked to allow the user to export Requests
Basic – Filter ResultsModifies the behavior of the Filter Results tab in the Workbench
Parens in FilterUse parenthesis in a filter to alter the normal evaluation sequence of the conditions. This enables a more skilled user to create very precise or complex filter clauses
First X ItemsRetrieve just the First X Items on a report. X can be either a quantity or a percentage
Basic – Sort/Group SelectionAllows a user to specify options that occur when a data group changes in a report type Request
Appearance OptionsSpecify appearance options that appear when a data group changes
Summary CalculationsAdd or remove summary calculations (including default calculations specified in the data dictionary) that occur when a data group changes
Advanced – Access to ToolsRestricts the user’s access to certain Tools
Change Report SetsChange Report Sets (i.e. move between Report Sessions) during a Foxfire! Session
Update DictionaryUpdate the Data Dictionary during Request design by using the Edit Data Item Details dialog
Stored SQLStore the SQL statement created by Foxfire! during Request execution and allow user to edit it later
Expand RelationshipsAllows the user to specify left, right and full outer joins and view the relationship diagram
Join OptionsAllows the user to choose a left outer join, right outer join or full join
Show Relationship DiagramAllows the user to view the Relationship Diagram in a tree structure
Advanced – Output OptionsRestricts access to certain features in the Specify Output tab of the Workbench
Edit LayoutsAllow user to save permanent format changes to a report layout (FRX). Layouts are normally generated dynamically during Request execution. If a layout is edited as a result of this Permission, it is saved as an FRX file in the Reports folder and is used instead of dynamically generating the report layout when a Request using the saved format is executed 
Allow Alt LayoutsSubstitute a previously defined layout file (FRX) in place of the dynamically generated layout or current pre-defined layout
Allow Alt SubdirsPlace report layouts (FRX files) in an alternate directory
Custom ProcessingUse Custom Processing
Allow Custom ProcessingAdd custom processing at key events during Request execution 

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Last Updated: 04/19/06

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