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Lesson Goals:
 You will learn how to change a Request so that the output can be browsed on a Web Page.

Note: This exercise only covers the steps needed to add HTML notations to your Request’s output, it does not cover any issues involved in actually publishing the HTML created to a real web page.

To send the output to a Web browser:

  1. From the Request Manager, copy LESSON10 by selecting it and choosing Save As from the File menu. Enter xxxLESS10 for the name (substituting your initials for xxx). See also Lesson 2: Copying a Request.
  2. Click the Edit icon on the toolbar to edit the Request.
  3. Click the Specify Output tab.
  4. In the lower right section of the Specify Output dialog box, select HTML Document (Web) from the first drop-down box underneath Send to. The name, xxxLESS10, is filled in automatically in the Name box.
  5. Click the Save icon from the Design Preview toolbar.
  6. Click the Close icon from the Design Preview toolbar.
  7. Click the Run icon on the Request Manager toolbar. Your output will be written to a file xxxLESS10.HTM and will be displayed in your web browser.
  8. When done viewing your output, close your browser.

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