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Sometimes a more complex Request requires multiple filter conditions. For example you’ve defined a filter condition that searches for red cars and now you want to narrow your search to find only red cars with a sale price more than $7,000. You’ll need two filter conditions: one to find the red cars and another one to find ones with sales price over $7,000. You’ll also need to link the two filter conditions with a special connector, in this case the And connector.

Here are the possible connectors you can use:

  • And  Permits you to narrow filter conditions by requiring two or more conditions to be met. (For example, red cars and cars sold during 1998.) Foxfire! automatically assumes And connectors between conditions in the filter but you won’t see them on the screen.
  • Or   Permits you to broaden filter conditions by splitting two conditions into an either/or pair. (For example, Hondas or Fords.)
  • ( )  Let you control the order in which conditions are evaluated when is used to combine conditions. The expression inside the parentheses is evaluated first.

Foxfire! automatically evaluates And conditions first, then Or conditions.

The effects of And and Or connectors are very different. Therefore, when you have several filter conditions and you want to include some Or connectors, you must specify which portions are connected by the Or and which parts are connected by the And by using parentheses.

For more information, see Advanced Filtering Tips.

To create multiple filter conditions:

  1. After you’ve defined the first filter condition, the Add button changes to an And button. Press the Add button to define the next filter condition.For information on creating a filter, see Creating a Filter Condition.
  2. Repeat for as many filter conditions as you have. Don’t worry about the order; you can properly position them later.
  3. Click the Or button or the ( ) button as needed. An Or connector or ( ) is inserted. When choosing ( ), highlight the line you want to bracket and click ( ).
  4. To reposition any lines in the filter, click the grey box to the left of the line (a double arrow appears) and drag the line wherever you need it.Note: Position the ( ) around two or more conditions that you want evaluated first.

Example: To see all the green Fords and Fords that lost money.

Here are two different ways to see all green Fords and Fords that lost money.

Car Make is FORD
Gross Profit less than 0


Car Make is FORD
Car Color is GREEN

Car Make is FORD
Gross Profit less than 0
Car Color is GREEN

Example: To see cars in colors green, red, and blue.

Using an In The List relationship gives you the same results as using the Or connector with several different values for the same item. The values must be for the same item and must be separated by commas. In The List is really a shortcut, eliminating the need for creating multiple filter conditions.

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