Developers will LOVE Foxfire! for its features that Old installations of Foxfire! convert to v8+ in seconds with a simple upgrade utility. It works with apps as far back as v2.5 (10/08/1993) You can ...
  • Design and preview modes are combined giving constant visual feedback while you work. Drag data items onto the report, change their position, and  appearance properties, add totals, and more. You’ll always know what you’ll get when you click Run
  • The Workbench (formerly, the Request Editor) can be relocated wherever you want for maximum viewing
  • Each item’s appearance can be customized for a single report – column headings, fonts, display widths, automatic summaries, and more
  • New custom data items can be created on the fly, as you design the report
  • Searching and filtering are simpler, yet more powerful with more options. You have more filter options too, including common names for date ranges like “this quarter”, “last year”, etc. Many were once reserved for geeks only, and now be used by everyone
  • Sorting and grouping are easier and take fewer steps, and there are more header and footer options (e.g. appearance options like custom formatting, separator-lines, indentation, etc., and summary options like changing or suppressing automatic totals, etc.)
  • Separate-and-send™ report pages by email. When a data group changes, you can send the current pages to a file (PDF, XLS, etc.) and email it to a email address unique to that group
  • Total item counts and unique-value counts (“Distinct Count”) are available in Summary Requests
  • Auto page formatting adjusts page parameters automatically if the width is exceeded. You may override these adjustments if you wish
  • New output formats (PDF,  doc,  rtf, formatted xls, four kinds of XML, and email).
  • Report definitions can be exported and exchanged with others via email or other means
  • Batches let you run and schedule multi-step jobs.
Most Foxfire! programs classes start with FF so the chances of your application using the same name is unlikely – but it can happen. Here’s a scenario of where it happened ...
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