Do you have

  • a new app where  you want add mobile reporting?
  • an existing app where you want to add BI quickly AND stay focused on other efforts?
  • a legacy app that needs an instant make-over or web BI for your customers?

Foxfire! creates a range of partnering opportunities from reselling under our brand to having us create a white-label version for you.

The first step to answer when considering a joint venture (“JV”) is “is it worth the effort?” We propose a fast-track evaluation process that enables both JV partners to see and discuss the same vision in order to minimize wasted time.

Here’s how it works. We customize the components of Foxfire!’s managed reporting environment to support reporting from a business activity you believe your customers will pay for. Then you and a few hand-picked customers can test and confirm its value and tell us what they’d be willing to pay for continued use. Think of it as “taking the market’s temperature.”

We use the term “Report Set” to describe the set of components that define the reporting environment to Foxfire! A Report Set includes:

  • pointers to the application data
  • definitions of each field that could be included in a report (we call them “Data Items”)
  • the join (relationship) expressions
  • definitions of the reports or other outputs (we call them “Requests” since they represent a request for information,
  • and
    custom code that implements any custom features you want to add

We need to create a Report Set for the trial business activity. So by answering the questions below and completing the attached worksheet, you’ll help us quickly understand your application database, and learn the terminology we use to describe the Report Set. That way, we’ll be and stay on the same page throughout the evaluation process.

We literally have teamed with hundreds of partners over two decades to embed or private label Foxfire! with other apps, localize it, add value to their consulting practice, or pursue specialty markets (like Sage Pro ERP). Frankly have become  very good at it. Most important, we want to collaborate with you, not compete. So we really want to hear from youc

Contact us. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship!