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You may sometimes want a Request that just outputs summary information, not detail. That is called a Summary Request. There are two types of columns in a Summary Request: group information and summary data. The Group information would be things like Cars Make and Cars Model. The summary information would be things like Average Price or Average Cost.

Lesson Goals:  You are going to create a summary Request that shows how many cars have been sold to each dealer, total sales dollars per dealer, and the average price of the cars sold.

To create a Summary Request:

  1. From the Request Manager, click on New. The Select Type of New Request dialog appears.
  2. Click on Summary, then click OK.
  3. Type xxxLESS6 (substituting your initials for xxx) in the Name box.
  4. Type “Cars Sold to Dealers” in the Title box.
  5. Click the Select Data Items tab. You will see some new buttons underneath the Available Items list: Sum, Average, Min, Max, # of Values, # of Items. These buttons are used to add the summary fields to the Selected list.
  6. Add “Sold To Dealer Name” to the Selected List. Sold to Dealer Name will be our group information field.
  7. Highlight Cars Current Age in the Choose From list and Click # of Values to add number of values of cars current age to the Selected list.
  8. Highlight Cars Sale Price (but do not move it to the Selected list) and click Sum to add “Sum of Cars Sale Price” to the Selected list
  9. With Cars Sale Price still highlighted, click Average to add Avg of Cars Sale Price to the Selected List
  10. Click the Save icon on the Design Preview toolbar.
  11. Click the Close icon on the Design Preview toolbar.
  12. Highlight the xxxLESS6 Request and click the Preview icon on the toolbar to preview your Request.
  13. Click the X on the upper right corner of the Request Preview window to close the window.

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