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When you run a request and specify a group break, Foxfire will automatically perform calculations on numeric fields based on the Calculation Options specified here.

Calculation Options

Subtotals: Specifies whether subtotals or other summary calculations will be performed.

Yes: Calculate subtotals for this Data Item
No: Do not perform any calculations at group breaks for this Data Item
Other Summary Options: Specifies the calculations you want performed, and how you want them displayed

Summary Expression: Specifies the expression to be calculated and the label to be printed for the expression.

Expression: Specifies the expression for the field to be calculated. This will normally be the Data Item, but you can change it
Label: Specifies the label to be printed on the calculation line: 

Calculate: Specifies what calculation will be performed.

Nothing: Do not perform any calculations on this Data Item
Count: Print the number of records
Subtotal: Print the subtotal of the values in the expression
Average: Print the average value of the values in the expression
Lowest: Print the lowest value found in the expression
Highest: Print the highest value found in the expression
Std Deviation: Print the standard deviation of the values in the expression
Variance: Print the variance of the values found in the expression
Weighted Average: Print the weighted average of the values in the expression

Appearance: Specified appearance options printing the calculated value.

Location – Under Column: Print the calculated value under the column where this Data Item is printed
Location – Separate Line: Print the calculated value on a separate line
Width: Specifies the width of the printed output for this expression
Picture: Specifies the field picture for printing this expression

Report Variables: Allows you to create report variables that will store the calculated value.

Variable Name: Specifies the name of the variable that will store the calculated value
Initial Value: Specifies the initial value that will be assigned to the variable
Release After Report: Specifies if the variable will be released after the report is run

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Last Updated: 03/13/06

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