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Lesson Goals:  You are going to alter the Request you created in Lesson 1 so that it only displays red cars that have not been sold. This involves two steps:

  • First you are going to create a copy of the Request and call it xxxLESS2 (substitute your initials for the xxx). To Copy a Request, you Edit the Request and use Save As to save it with a new name. This gives you the same Request with two different names. We recommend that you always do the Save As and assign a new name before making any changes to the original. If you follow this procedure, you will minimize your chances of damaging your original Request.
  • You then need to create a second filter condition to display red cars that have not been sold.

To copy the Request:

  1. From the Request Manager, right-click on xxxLess1, Inventory On Hand.
  2. Click Save as…. The Save Request as dialog box appears.
  3. In the Name box change xxxLESS1 to xxxLess2.
  4. In the Title box change the description to Cars On Hand (Red).
  5. Click OK. The Request Manager reappears. Both xxxLESS1 and xxxLESS2 appear on your list of available Requests.
  6. Click on xxxLess2.
  7. Click the Edit icon on the toolbar.

To create the filter condition:

You will add a second filter condition to the one that already exists. Both conditions must be met for a record to be included in the output.

  1. Click the Filter Results tab in the Workbench window.
  2. Click And.
  3. Select Cars Color from the Data Item drop-down box.
  4. Choose Like from the Relationship list.
  5. Enter Red in the Value box.
  6. Save this filter condition by clicking on the a on the right side of the line.You now have two filter conditions: cars with an empty date of sale and cars that are red.
  7. Click the Save icon on the Design Preview window.
  8. Click the Close icon on the Design Preview window.
  9. Highlight the Request and click the Preview icon on the toolbar to see what the results look like.
  10. Click the X on the upper right corner of the Request Preview window to close the window.
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