Have you ever wanted to design reports or run them on the Web?

Now you can. With Foxfire! Web, you can create or run reports from any pc with a browser and internet access – today. At a fraction of the cost of other web report writers.

Foxfire! Web’s rich set of design features are similar to the drag-n-drop interface of Foxfire! Windows. And it can produce most of the same outputs. Any report you design on the web can run on the Windows desktop too, and vice versa. Without changing a thing. The two products interoperate completely.

Any number of users can submit web reports to a queue, from which they can be run up to five at the same time. Reports either start immediately or queue up and run when the next queue-manager agent is available. Upon completion, you are notified by email and can view the results, save them on your local PC, or email them to others.

Foxfire! Web shares a common data dictionary and report generator with its Windows counterpart. So the web reports you design from either place will run in both.

The two products are fully interoperable. If you’ve set up a Foxfire!Windows environment already, there’s almost nothing more to do but install the web server software and activate the designer licenses. If you are starting from scratch, Foxfire!’s administrative tools will have you designing and running web reports in a day or less.

Foxfire! Web’s interface is written in Microsoft VB.NET and runs on all the popular browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox®, Safari (both Mac and PC), and more.