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As a solution provider in a specific market, you probably have customers who need information on demand (often at an inconvenient time).  Maybe you have a rock-solid legacy app and want to add more value, give it a face-lift, offer mobile BI, or create a customer-facing portal where they can download BI or reports created by you or others (free or for-fee).

Foxfire! to the rescue!

Here are just a few ways to make everyone’s life easier:

Empower your customers to self-serve. Set Foxfire! up effectively and cut your output-oriented support calls dramatically. If a new data item, feature, or process  is needed, you can add it yourself and it’s immediately available to them. Once added, it’s available forever to use again and again. No more praying and waiting for the new release. You can create your own without blowing the warranty or losing your ability to upgrade.

Be a BI guru.  Foxfire! will slash the time it takes to create even the most complicated results for them. Once you add the report to their library, they can run it all the time without your involvement.

Open a BI Store or Library. Some developers create a respository where customers can pay to download specific Foxfire! Requests, turning this often frustrating chore into a profit center. Or offer them free to add value to your Software Maintenance Agreement.

Joint Venture With Us. Want to earn quick profits from your customer base without pain? Contact us here.  If there’s an opportunity, we can help you identify it and make it real. We’ll furnish the labor and knowhow, you furnish the database knowledge and customers. We’ll both help you earn more and please your customers at the same time – painlessly.

But this is just the start. Here are some advanced features that sets Foxfire! in a class all its own, and makes it easy to please your customers.

Access From Any App.  You can launch Foxfire! from inside any app, or as a standalone app. You can private white-label it using your own brand (you must respect our copyrights) or present it as a third party tool. You can launch Requests seamlessly from your app, or give them full access to it thru the built-in Request Manager. You can even design your own interface call it as a BI engine. Or integrate it with other BI products such as Microsoft Power BI or Excel.

Window/Web Interoperation. Foxfire! handles design and execution on both a Windows desktop and the Web (which means it can be used almost anywhere). For example, you can design a BI Request (e.g. a report) on the desktop, run it on the web, and email the results as a PDF anywhere (you can even email different pages of a single the report to the different individuals who need them). Or design it on the web and run it anywhere – including the desktop.

Scheduling. You can set Requests reports to run on a schedule, or set triggers in your larger application to run them when a particular event occurs.

Intelligent Job Streams. You can batch a set of Requests and run them in a batch. You can even pass data between them. You can also make executing a particular Request conditional, either triggering or suppressing it depending on the result of an earlier Request.

Role Based Security. You can control who has access to certain Requests, tables, or fields. The security controls can be located in your app or in Foxfire! itself.

Foxfire! is such a flexible data extraction and visualization tool, you are limited only by your imagination. Contact us to discuss ways it can be deployed?