Buy a Developer Edition

As a developer, your application needs reports. But do you want to spend all of your time building and making minor changes to meet all of your client needs? Why not let your users build their own reports.

With Foxfire!, you put the reporting power into your clients’ hands. You create the data dictionary, setting up table relationships and build custom templates for your application. From then, it’s all to them to build reports. You can also use Foxfire! to train new developers on your new data model.

You may already have clients that are using Foxfire! and need to support them. You may also have a client who needs to upgrade their Foxfire!. Either way, there are some important things for you to know:

1. Running reports with Foxfire! Windows does not require a license. That’s right. It’s free. So you only need to have licenses for the people who actually need to build reports.

2. Foxfire! supports any data source with ODBC, including SQL, Postgres, MySQL and more!

3. You can customize how reports are executed through our custom “Event” hooks.

4. Build reports on the desktop and they immediately appear in our web version!

5. Switch between local and remote versions even with different data sources.