Foxfire! provides reporting and query functionality to many systems across every business line – applications like Omnicell, WellSky CPR+ (formerly Mediware), PowerBroker, DebtNet, P2 and STSX and more. There’s no need to set it up yourself – you can get right to creating reports and exporting data.

Omnicell – the “autonomous pharmacy” used around the world. Its customized integration includes background reporting and form generation.

Alpine Software’s Visual RAMS-Pro provides quality customer service, route tracking and financial management for the Waste Management industry. Foxfire! provides the built-in tools for clients to make financial decisions and data analysis.

DebtNet – one of the leading debt recovery systems lets customers use Foxfire! to enhance reporting and output options. From immediate reports to analyzing results with Excel, Foxfire! makes it easier for these companies to get the results they need.

Wellsky CPR + is a specialized business line software for independent pharmacies and health care providers. CPR+ uses Foxfire! as its main reporting system directly integrated with the system.

PowerBroker is the insurance broker’s best friend and Foxfire! gives brokers an extra edge in retrieving the critical information it needs.

P2 Programs has been using Foxfire! as its reporting solution since 1990s, STSX, their latest online offering, offers Foxfire! desktop and web to deliver reporting wherever their clients are.